Whether you are struggling with a psychiatric condition, important life issue, or just in need of someone to talk things out with, you can get the help you need and find out more about yourself.


Hello, I am Dr. Laura Baur

I strive to combine evidence-based medicine with interpersonal connection and self-exploration. After completing my psychiatry training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, I specialized in pharmacologic treatment of psychiatric disorders as well as multimodal psychotherapy.



My therapy office offers a supportive and nurturing environment for people to get help that they need and find out more about themselves.

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I provide psychiatric medication management and therapy services for patients with a variety of conditions and life situations.



"You have been a real life-line for me.” - D.
“I’ve never had a psychiatrist who listened to me the way you do.” - J.
“Thank you for putting up with me, even though I won’t take medication.” - S.



All sessions are 45 minutes and are the same flat rate of $350. I do not accept insurance, but many clients collect partial or full reimbursement if they have out-of-network coverage.


Your First visit

How to prepare for your first visit. Here’s what to expect.